Who am I?

My name is Pierfrancesco Pardini and I graduated in clinical psychology at the University of Lille in France (specialty "Psychopathology and Psychology of Health"). In addition, I trained in Ericksonian hypnosis at the Phythes association. Since 2015 I have been accompanying adolescents and adults who decide to do psychotherapy. In the last ten years I have dedicated myself to the study of various approaches to integrative psychology (humanist psychology, positive psychology, short and strategic therapies) and psycho corporeal (hypnotherapy, psychotherapy based on mindfulness) that contribute to the development of the individual's well-being. I am also an amateur gardener, and I am interested in the impact of nature on psychic well-being.

What I propose?

During your stay in our rural house, you can take a path to relax, manage stress and emotions, develop your resources and regain psychophysical balance. I suggest both individual and group courses on the regenerating power of nature (ecopsychology) and on green mindfulness (meditation practiced in contact with nature).